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Upcoming Events

RSVP below to join Read-A-Thon Events!

  • End of Read-A-Thon Celebration
    Sun, Jul 10
    Location is TBD
    At the end of our Read-A-Thon, we are holding a virtual celebration to congratulate everyone! We encourage all participants to join!
  • Storytime Session
    Sat, Jul 09
    Location is TBD
    At this event, participants will be able to engage in a story time session where a few of our volunteers will read a requested book.
  • Game Night
    Sat, Jul 02
    Location is TBD
    Join us to play fun book/trivia related games!
  • Crafting Session
    Sat, Jun 25
    Location is TBD
    In this session, participants will be able to craft fun bookmarks and draw their favorite characters!
  • Read-A-Thon Kick-Off
    Sat, Jun 25
    Location is TBD
    During this event we will have fun as well as talk about how to earn prizes! We recommend everyone to come to this event!
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