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About Our Read-A-Thon

General Services Foundation is hosting a Read-A-Thon to help improve the reading level of those who join. All profits made through this Read-a-Thon will go to A Place at the Table!

A Place at the Table is a pay-what-you-can café with a mission to provide community and good food to all, regardless of means.

Through our Read-A-Thon, participants will have the opportunity to improve their reading skills while also supporting A Place at The Table. Prizes for participants will be available along the way!


Here are the Read-A-Thon members who made the vision of this project a reality.

Sonali Ratnasinghe

Organizer, PledgeStar Contact

Shayna Patel

Organizer, Sponsor Contact

Divya Palasamudram

Website Coordinator

Roshni Daruvuri

Website Coordinator

Saveena Ratnasinghe

Connections Coordinator

Asmi Palakodeti

Vrutika Soneji

Library Contact & Coordinator

Sowndarya Chivikula

Sponsor Coordinator

Avantika Maragadhavel

Schools Contact & Coordinator

Nithya Janapati

Sponsor Coordinator

Sai Bevara

Social Media Coordinator

Samantha Obiaja

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